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Good morning!  Happy Wednesday.  It’s hump day!!!  The work week is half way over.  Enjoy this day.  Give God praise for every thing; no matter what the size.  Give God praise and don’t give way to complaining.  Enjoy Gods blessings. 

TFTD: A note of encouragement to those who are being elevated

Early this morning I sent a string of messages on Twitter to encourage some folks and I decided to put the message on today’s blog. 

This message is for all of the people who are being elevated in the kingdom of God, in their homes, in their relationships, in their jobs, in their community, in their state, and across the globe.  I want to encourage you this morning:

People will look at you and say that you don’t belong in that position. Tell them to take that up with God because He doesn’t make mistakes.

People will say that they can do a better job than you. Tell them they probably can but God called you and not them.

People will try to curse your progress and discourage you. Continue praying for them and ask that God will remove jealousy from their heart.

People will stop being your friend because they may feel like there is no room for them in your new status.  Don’t fret they were only seasonal friends anyway.

People will talk about you, lie on you, catch an attitude with you and even try to make you look bad but they talked about Jesus yet He rose victorious.  Remember you are a victor in Christ. He lives in you and loves you. He has elevated you because He trusts you to get the job done. God has equipped you to get the job done, not anyone else.

In your elevation remain humble, stay prayed up, stay connected to positive people and enjoy the ride because God is not finished with you yet. New heights sit in the horizon.  Everyone can’t go where God is taking you.  Some people may have started the journey with you and may fall off before the manifestation because they were not meant to go the full length. 

 You’re going to new atmospheres. God has given you a new perspective and chickens can’t fly with eagles. So spread your wings and fly.

 I am celebrating all the new elevations. Congratulations to all the great men and women of God. You are blessed.  God has shown you unmerited favor.  Don’t focus on the naysayers, but appreciate that God is pleased with your walk.  Don’t seek to please man, but seek to please God and He will give you favor among men.  I look forward to seeing and hearing the great things God is doing in all of your lives.

Have a blessed Wednesday! 

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Mrs. Nicole “Sunshine” Ellis

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Comments on: "A note of encouragement to those who are being elevated" (2)

  1. Thank God for you Nicole!! This is an ON-TIME WORD! I really needed this–I was recently promoted to another position and it has been quite challenging due to naysayers and other issues but this is confirmation that I ABLE and God has equipped me to do this job! Your previous post blessed me immensely as well! Thank you for allowing God to use you! 🙂

    • We’ll glory to God. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad that God is working through me. It’s my desire to share His word through this blog. Thank you for supporting this blog! God bless!

      ~Nicole “Sunshine” Ellis

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