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Who are you connected to?

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Good afternoon!  It’s Friday!  Woo hoo!  I’m so happy it’s Friday!  I pray that you have a blessed weekend and remember to always keep God first in all that you do!

TFTD: Who are you connected to?

John 15:5 (NKJV)

5 “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.

Who are you connected to?  Have you heard the saying “Guilty by association”?  We’ll I heard it a lot growing up, but didn’t fully understand it until I got older.  People will label you based on the people you surround yourself with.  You are now guilty by association.  If you associate and hang out with liars all of the time it will be assumed that you are a liar.  Ladies, If your circle of friends are promiscuous women then people will assume that you are a promiscuous woman.  Men, if you hang around other men who mistreat women then you will be associated as such.  This phrase “Guilty by association” can also have a positive spin on it.  If you hang around a bunch of smart and successful people then people will begin thinking that you are smart and successful. 

As a child, I thought is was so unfair to think that I would do what the people I hung around did.  But the reality is that you start to become the people you surround yourself with.  If you stay around people long enough you will begin taking on some of their mannerisms.  What people perceive is 95% of their reality.  And if they see you hanging out with a certain group of people then their reality tells them that you are like that group.  Who are you connected to?  Ask yourself, “if people looked at my closest circle of friends what would they honestly think about me?”  “What would their perception of me be? 

When you are connected to the dark things of this world it will show up on your face, in your walk, your speech, and in your lifestyle.  You will not have any substance.  You will not bear fruit.  But if you are connected to Jesus then you are connected to the Father in Heaven and you will bear fruit.  We are the branches on this tree called life and we have to be connected to the right things in order to bear fruit.  We have to be connected to Christ and seek His will and He will lead us to hang around Christ-like people.  Ask yourself “Who am I connected to?”  Do people associate you with Christ or with the devil?  Do people associate you as a kind loving person or as a mean messy person? 

It’s time to take serious inventory over the company you keep.  Starting with your main source of strength.  Who do you spend the most time with during your day?  The person you spend the most time with is the person you will most likely be associated with.  Spend more time with God.  The body of Christ need more people reflecting His light.  Then ask yourself what will people be associated with if they hung with you?  What are you reflecting?

I pray you take time to really evaluate your life and make sure you are hooked up to the vine 🙂

God bless! Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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