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Black History Facts

Black History

Black History Facts:

Did you know?

February 13, 1970
The New York Stock Exchange admits its first Black member, Joseph Searles.
February 13, 1923
The first Black professional basketball team “The Renaissance” organized.
February 13, 1892
The first African-American performers, the World’s Fair Colored Opera Company, appear at Carnegie Hall.
It’s important to know where you come from in order to appreciate where you are going.  As an African-American woman, I know that a standard for excellence runs through my DNA.  I can trace this through my ancestors.  I then channel that into everything that I do.  Anything worth doing is worth doing in excellence.  Strive to be better than your ancestors.  And trust me we have some awesome people who’ve accomplished major things in history.  That means we have an opportunity to do major things in the future.
Have a blessed day! 
~Nicole “Sunshine” Ellis

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