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A doorkeeper

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Good morning!  Can I just say, the Lord is good and worthy of all the praise!  Each day I fall deeper in love with God.  He is a great God! 

TFTD: A doorkeeper

Psalm 84:10 (NKJV)

10 For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand.  I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God Than dwell in the tents of wickedness.

Let me take a moment to give God praise.  He is Alpha and Omega, He is the beginning and the end, He is the great I AM, He is Sovereign, He is a Wonder, He is Amazing, He is truly a Great God!  When I think about people who don’t know Christ or even people who know Him, but don’t really experience the fullness of His glory, my heart weeps.  I want everyone to know that God is the Only One that can soothe your soul, straighten out your crooked walk, soften your harsh speech, calm your raging spirit.  Only God can love you so much that He would send His Only Son to die for you. (John 3:16)

As I marvel at God I can’t help but look at Psalm 84:10 with a new perspective.  God is so good that I would rather be a doorkeeper in His house.  When I read this scripture I began to smile because I get this and I believe this.  See a doorkeeper by definition is someone who guards an entrance.  A doorkeeper was looked at as the lowest position.  You didn’t even enter the house you just watched over the entrance to check people coming in and going out.  God is so awesome that I would rather guard the entrance to His home than to be partying all up inside of the house of the wicked.

I don’t know if you are feeling like I am, but I would rather take the lowest position in the church and watch the door for the Lord.  It’s not worth losing my soul to dwell in the house of the wicked when I can be a doorkeeper to the house of the Lord. 

I see that the world is selling some attractive things, but the catch is it will cost you your life.  The world will make you think that you can have a grand life, but that grand life means you have to forsake the Lord.  You can’t serve the world and serve the Lord, it doesn’t work.  We have to make a choice, do we want to be a doorkeeper for the Lord or dwell in the tents of the wicked?

Take a moment to examine your personal life and your spiritual walk.  Some believers are dwelling in the tents of the wicked as we speak.  It’s not too late for you to turn your back on the world and turn your face to God.  Join me and be a doorkeeper.  It’s the lowest position to the world, but it brings honor and glory to God.  That’s what matters.  Seek to please God and He will continue to bless you beyond measure.

Have a blessed day! 

Mrs. Nicole “Sunshine” Ellis

Can’t breathe: Try Spiritual CPR: Consistent in praying, Persistent in pursuing the knowledge of God, and Resistant to temptation.

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