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Don’t Cheat Yourself

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Good afternoon! 

The other day my 14-year old daughter said something to me that is resonating with my spirit.  It hit me like WOW when she said it on Tuesday, but every day after I’ve been astounded by the power that rest on her tongue.  I don’t even think she realizes the impact her words are having on me.  I absolutely love how God takes something in the physical and translates it to the spiritual. 

So what did she say?  I’m glad you asked.  I started a 28-day workout challenge and I’m in the 2nd week.  On Tuesday, my Minnie Me came in and watched me and asked me what I was doing.  As I panted heavily I explained the workout regime I was instructed to do.  As she sat and watched me I got to a challenging part and instead of giving up, I closed my eyes and pushed it out until I was finished.  And my daughter said, “At least you didn’t cheat yourself, and you look smaller too.”  So what did this do to my spirit? 

  1. It reminded me that someone is always watching me.
  2. It provided affirmation that hard work does pay off.
  3. It reminded me of the importance of never cheating on myself. 

She saw me putting in work and recognized that I was giving my all.  Anything worth doing, is worth putting your heart into it.  We all know the following scripture;

Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)

13 I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.

How many of you really believe you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you?  You may say it with your mouth, but does your actions reflect what you believe in your heart?  If you believe in Philippians 4:13 then I challenge you to not CHEAT ON YOURSELF!  Don’t CHEAT Yourself out of the blessings God has for you.  Faith is great, but faith without works is dead and if you want God to manifest blessings in your life you need to give Him your all. 

There is something you have been longing to do, places you have desired to go, goals and aspirations that are floating in your heart and the only person stopping you is YOU.  It’s not money, because God will provide.  It’s not lack of time, because God will make room for your gift.  It’s not about your inability to carry out the task, because God will equip you when He calls you to the more.  So stop making excuses and get to the root of the problem that’s holding you back; YOU!  DON’T CHEAT YOURSELF!!!

Remember someone is watching you and when they see you push forward, you give them hope to push forward.  Also, after the hard work comes beautiful results.  So keep pressing.  And finally, remember to never cheat on yourself.  God wants to take you to higher heights and He needs you to put in the work.  Give it your all.  Give God your all.  Give yourself, your all! 

Have a blessed day and remember DON’T CHEAT YOURSELF out of your blessings!

Mrs. Nicole “Sunshine” Ellis

Can’t breathe: Try Spiritual CPR: Consistent in praying, Persistent in pursuing the knowledge of God, and Resistant to temptation.

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