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Good afternoon!  Happy Monday.  I apologize for my absence.  I had an extremely busy week last week.  I’m back in the groove this week.  I pray you had a wonderful weekend! 

TFTD: Pushing past your mental limitations

Proverbs 23:7a (NKJV)

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.

Proverbs 18:21 (NKJV)

21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
And those who love it will eat its fruit.

This weekend, I ran 10 miles for the first time ever!  Yes, I ran and didn’t stop!!!  I was completely shocked and excited that I finished.  I was even more excited that I completed this task under two hours.  This run did not come easy because I had mental barriers that were trying to limit my physical ability. 

For those who don’t know, I have a running coach.  This coach maps out a 28-day plan that assist my growth in running longer distances in a shorter amount of time.  I am responsible for uploading my activities and my coach analyzes it and gives me new goals on paces and distance.  One thing my coach does is places goals and challenges before me that he knows I will accomplish even though I can’t see it.  He sees my potential and at times I allow my mental limitations to keep me bound and in turn it causes me to hold back. 

10 milesWhen you are on a 10-mile jog you have plenty of time to talk to and hear from God.  I was tired and my legs felt like bricks and before we even started running I kept saying, “I’ve never ran 10 miles before.  I don’t know if I can do this.”  I started sabotaging my run before I even started because of my self talk.  Many of us do this in our spiritual walk.  We speak words of doubt because of our mental limitations.  We don’t think we can do it even when we God has promised that we can do it. 

So, I had to regroup.  Every mile I ran I began counting down how many miles I had left to go.  I started quoting Philippians 4:13, I then said, “Nicole you can do this.”  I believed I was a runner who would finish between the time I was required to finish in.  And guess what?  I did finish.  I finished and felt good.  I pushed past my mental limitations.  I learn so many life lessons through my running journey. 

  1. God never gives you more than you can bear. (God knows exactly what we are capable of doing and He won’t set us out to fail.)
  2. God will equip you for the journey.  (God will give you every resource you need and skill set to get the job done.)
  3. Trust in who lives within you. (Since the Holy Spirit dwells within you, all of the power that Christ has is in you and if you can’t trust your ability, trust God’s ability through you.)
  4. Check your self-talk.  (Watch what you say to yourself because you will start believing it.  You can either bring life to your thoughts or kill your thoughts based on what comes from your tongue.)

What mental limitations do you have to push past today?  Are you bringing life to your thoughts or killing yourself with your words?  It’s time to push past the mental limitations. 

Greater is He that is in you!!!  Remember you have more power because of WHOSE you are!!! 

Have a blessed day!

Mrs. Nicole “Sunshine” Ellis, MBA

Can’t breathe: Try Spiritual CPR: Consistent in praying, Persistent in pursuing the knowledge of God, and Resistant to temptation.

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