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“It Flickered”

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Good morning! I know I haven’t posted in a little while. I’m alive and well and preparing for the arrival of our new addition! She will be arriving any day now.

TFTD: It Flickered

Yesterday, I went to open my USB and the light came on, but it didn’t connect to the computer. I tried on several computers with no luck. I prayed and solicited the prayers of my husband and some prayer warriors (two sister girls). I know some of you are probably reading this saying, “PRAYING OVER A USB, How absurd.” Well this wasn’t just any old USB it was the “Nicole Holy Grail of USB” it had ALL of my POETRY, All of my various ministry files, my business documents, my book projects–in short 3,399 FILES of my life on this drive!!! (Now you see why I had to call on JESUS). I had hope that the USB would work because the “light” flickered.

I called the IT guy in my department and he dashed over to my office and tried the USB on three different computers and still no luck. He said the USB is DEAD. *MY HEART SUNK* He said you are welcome to try in a couple of days, but I doubt it will work. I asked him were all of my files lost. He replied, “you won’t be able to retrieve anything.” After he left my office, I closed my door and I burst into tears. I didn’t cry because I am pregnant an emotional, I cried because I felt all my hard work was gone. (Even though you are a believer, it’s okay to cry) So I cried and PRAYED again. Then I called my husband. He was in a meeting and I left a message with the lovely lady at the front office. I told her it wasn’t an emergency, but she called my husband anyway and in turn he called me, which was a blessing because I needed to speak to someone. I was a mess. I was crying and crying and crying. My husband heard me out, comforted me said, “Bring it home and I will look at it.” He told me he loved me and I repeated the same. I got myself together because I remember the “LIGHT” had flickered. At the end of a busy Monday for my husband, he came home, took my USB, began working on it and even praying for God’s help. When it was all said and done, my USB opened, he backed it up to two other USB drives and I backed it up to my hard drive. I was so overjoyed.

Here is the message God revealed to me: There are some people who will help you (IT guy); however, they don’t have a vested interest in you. My husband had a protected commitment from God in my well-being. God has a permanent commitment established by His spiritual law and love in me. They looked past what appeared to be an obvious sign of doom and gloom and as a team-God equipped my husband to do what others couldn’t do. And even though I was a blubbering mess yesterday I had faith because the “LIGHT” had flickered. You have to see the potential and the promise in a situation even when someone else (trained professional, ministry leader, boss, friend, family member, neighbor, etc.) tells you it’s DEAD!!! (Oh someone will get that later). I am eternally grateful to God for this experience and I love my husband with the love of Christ for seeing past what others said and putting a smile on my heart and my face. Find the blessing in every situation. Trust God even when the situation seems dark and grim because beyond the surface, the LIGHT is still flickering!


Be blessed in this season. Don’t give up hope. Trust and believe that God will always see you through!


Mrs. Nicole “Sunshine” Ellis, MBA

Can’t breathe: Try Spiritual CPR: Consistent in praying, Persistent in pursuing the knowledge of God, and Resistant to temptation.

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