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Speak life 40 day journey

Good morning, the journey continues. Here is the 5-day recap.

Join me Live or catch the replay videos at Fit For A Purpose, LLC. on Facebook:

This has been a TRUE learning experience.

Here is a 5-day recap:

  • Day 6: Hearing and Speaking God’s Words – Read Isaiah 50:4. When you fill your spirit with the Word of God you will Speak words that come from God. The Lord gives words of encouragement, grace and life to hurting people. These type of words sustains the weary.
  • Day 7: Life or Death You Choose – Read Proverbs 18:21. We have the power to speak death or life. The choice is our. We can’t blame other people for our words. No matter what we speak, we will eat the fruit of our words. Do you want to eat the rotten fruit of death or the blessings that come from the fruit of life?
  • Day 8: Words of Praise – Read Psalm 34:1. Praise the Lord at all times. No matter what you are going through, use words to sing praises to the Lord. Don’t fuel your life with negative words. Give God praise and watch your attitude and language change.
  • Day 9: Don’t be Reckless – Read Proverbs 12:18. Reckless words pierce like swords and can severe relationships. They spread like wildfire and are impossible to contain. Look at what happens in social media today. Even if people forgive, the residue of the damage remains. Pray for God to give you the wisdom over the words you choice.
  • Day 10: The Snare of Gossip – Read Proverbs 16:28. Gossip is destructive. Gossip can spread and do more damage than what was intended. When we gossip we break the confidence of others. Christians tend to use gossip as a subtle way of entrapment, by asking for information to pray for you; however, they end up telling others. Whether it’s intentional or not it’s still GOSSIP and it’s a sin. Don’t spread other people’s business. Ask yourself how will someone be ministered to if I share this information? BE HONEST- CALL GOSSIP what it is and stop it.

I encourage you to catch the replay online and to join me at 5:00a.m. EST.

God bless.

~Nicole L. Ellis, MBA

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