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Speak life 40 day journey

Good morning,

Sorry for the delay. We are still walking this 40-day journey out.

Here is the 5-day recap.

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Here is a 5-day recap:

  • Day 11: An Encounter with the Holy– Read Isaiah 6:5-7. When we have an encounter with God we should see ourselves for our sinfulness in comparison to His righteousness. We should understand that our words when not led by the Holy Spirit will continue to defile us, but through Christ and only Christ can we be saved in spirit and in word. Let the Lord cleanse the negativity out of your heart.
  • Day 12: Wise or Foolish? – Read Proverbs 14:3. The words of a fool brings harm to others and himself, is full of pride, spoken rashly and causes him punishment. Whereas the words of the wise bring life to others and protects himself, is humble, spoken with care and brings him honor. Wisdom is the key to life and peace. Are your words wise or foolish?
  • Day 13: What Comes First – Read Psalm 5:1-3. What do you do when you begin your day? Get in the habit of being fruitful by staring your day crying out to the Lord in praise and prayer. By directing your first words to Christ, He can guide the rest of your words during the day – IF YOU SEEK HIM.
  • Day 14: Behind Enemy Lines – Read Romans 12:14 . We all have encountered an enemy attacking us with words and deed or perhaps you have been the enemy. Their words pierce like a sword and our natural response is to cut back. Yet, the Word of God tells us to bless those who persecute us. “Can you imagine being so refined through the fire that you respond to persecution with words that bless those persecuting you?” ~Tim Cameron
  • Day 15: Set a Guard– Read Proverbs 21:23. Guarding your mouth means taking time to speak the truth, being free from fights, protecting what goes in and what comes out. The word fast means “to cover the mouth”. Use wisdom and cover your mouth to determine what you should release.

It’s not to late to catch the replay online and to join me at 5:00a.m. EST.

God bless.

~Nicole L. Ellis, MBA

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