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S.H.E. is almost here!

Calling all wives! We are only six days away from this life changing event.

We have heard your request and we have responded!

Can’t make the full conference, that’s okay, It’s not too late to register!

Hurry and Register TODAY:

S.H.E. Registration

Two additional options are available for Saturday:

  • Saturday Sessions ONLY (lunch provided) (8 a.m.-4 p.m.): $70.00
  • Saturday semi-formal dinner buffet banquet ONLY (6 p.m.-11:00 p.m.): $60.00

*Registration closes June 24, 2018.

Also, join us Friday, June 29, 2018 for a wives Shop & Mingle from 6:30 p.m.-9:00 p.m. This is FREE and open to Wives only.



Lend your support!


The S.H.E. Prays Wives Conference is geared towards inspiring, motivating and encouraging wives to stay the course. Marriage is not easy; however, it’s a powerful ministry when Christ is at the center of it all. Help us impact the lives of others, by donating. Make a donation to this mighty movement of God? Click the “Donate here” button to sow a seed to this ministry effort. Type “S.H.E. Conference” in the note section. 


Looking for an opportunity to spread the word about your local business? Place an advertisement in the S.H.E. Prays Conference booklet or consider being a sponsor. It’s to too late to sow a seed.

S.H.E. Prays Ad book layout form

Email for the form and more information.

S.H.E. Prays Conference SALE!

Extended sale

“S.H.E” stands for Seeking His Ear. As a wife, it’s important to take time with the Father. Join us on June 29-30, 2018 for a life changing experience.

All participants must register.

Registration includes: all meals, workshops, conference t-shirt, swag bag, pen and notepad.

Friday night will include a meet and greet reception, vendor showcase shopping experience, along with some light activities.

Saturday sessions will include topics ranging from; Balance and intimacy, How to be a Proverbs 31 wife, How to confront and overcome addictions, a prayer walk, closing banquet and more.

Participants should bring comfortable shoes for a prayer walk on Saturday and classy or semi-formal attire for the closing banquet on Saturday night.

  • Saturday Only Registration: $125.00
  • Regular Registration (Friday & Saturday): $175.00 (Extended SALE: $150.00)

Don’t delay, register TODAY! 


This promises to be a life changing weekend with phenomenal speakers, fellowship and prayer.

Can’t wait to see you in June!

~Nicole L. Ellis, Conference host 


S.H.E is Here!

“S.H.E” stands for Seeking His Ear. As a wife, it’s important to take time with the Father. Sending your prayers, praise and worship to His ear on behalf of your marriage and others.

Calling all wives to join us on June 29-30, 2018 for a time of learning and growing.

Registration opens Friday, March 23, 2018. 
There are limited early bird specials!!! So don’t delay, register early! 
  • To the husbands: be a blessing to your wife and gift her this conference.
  • To the wives: make this a girls weekend and invite your friends.
  • To everyone: be a blessing to your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister and more.


This promises to be a life changing weekend with phenomenal speakers.

Stay tuned for updates!

Can’t wait to see you in June!

~Nicole L. Ellis


New Podcast

Coach Nicole's Purposefully Fit Podcast

Hi everyone!

This year has gotten off to a busy start; however, I am still here. I’m on a mission to inspire, motivate and encourage others to become FIT FOR A PURPOSE! I believe we are all called for a purpose and on this podcast I’ll share tips on how you can become purposefully fit; spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

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God bless.

~Nicole L. Ellis, MBA

40 Day Word Fast Recap (Day 26-30)

Good morning, the journey continues. Here is the 5-day recap.

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  • Day 26: No Matter How Small– Read Job 27:4 (NAS). A lie is a lie no matter how big or small you think it is. If you are distorting the truth then it’s a lie. Psalm 51:6 says, “You desire truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden parts You make me to know wisdom.” The Lord desires us to walk in truth outwardly with others and inwardly in our hearts.40 day word fast by Tim Cameron
  • Day 27: Keep Your Word – Read James 5:12. If you say you are going to do something, keep your word. If something changes your ability to carry out your promise then communicate that. Let your “Yes” be “Yes” and “No” be “No.”
  • Day 28: In What Do You Boast – Read Psalm 20:7 (NAS). What do you boast in? Should you even boast? Psalm 75:5 (NAS) says, “Do not lift up your horn on high, do not speak with insolent pride.” Basically, don’t toot your own horn. Allow others to sing your praises. When you do boast, boast in the name of the Lord.
  • Day 29: What Do Your Lips Preserve? – Read Proverbs 5:2. God wants our lips to keep knowledge and speak His words. Are you releasing words that will harm others or words that are pleasing to God’s ear? Always consult God and ask Him to help you speak His words and not the words of the world.
  • Day 30: Would You Pass the Exam? – Read Psalm 17:3. If the Lord visited you and inspected your character, would you pass the exam? The author says, “Your reputation is what others think you are; your character is what you really are.” Take serious inventory over your life and ask yourself would you pass the exam?

God bless.

~Nicole L. Ellis, MBA

40 Day Word Fast (Days 21-25)

Good morning, the journey continues. Here is the 5-day recap.

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  • Day 21: Restrain Your Speech– Read Proverbs 17:27-28 NIV. Everyone has experienced putting their foot in their mouth one time or another. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean you have to share it all of the time. Practice restraint over speaking your mind. The author says, “It is a fruit-bearing exercise to just hold your tongue in some conversations and not have to give your opinion or experience.”
  • Day 22: Use Words that Free – Read Proverbs 6:2-3. If you are not careful and prayerful with your words, you will become trapped by them. When you 40 day word fast by Tim Cameronspeak, be sure to release words that heal and set others free.
  • Day 23: The Taming Work – Read James 3:8-10. It’s amazing how a person can proclaim the love of God and the next moment judge, criticize, gossip and more. Take time to cry out to the Lord to tame your tongue. The Lord is the ONE who gives us power over this tiny member of the body.
  • Day 24: Crying In Your Distress – Read Psalm 3:4. Everyone has experienced moments of turmoil, trauma and disappointment. These moments don’t often yield warm and fuzzy feelings or words. Instead of running to complain cry out to the Lord. He can turn your mourning into dancing. He is the ONE who can give you PRAISE on your lips even while in moments of distress. Give your tough times to Him.
  • Day 25: Do Your Words Build? – Read 2 Samuel 23:2. Take inventory over your words. Do you speak words that build people up? Be honest. When was the last time you encouraged someone? There is something special about using words of beauty. Speak words that build people up each and every day.

40 Day Word Fast Continues (Days 16-20)

Good morning,

Happy Wednesday. I apologize for the delay. I was traveling and entered a busy season; however, I wanted to provide you with the remaining days of the word fast. The busy season is over.

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Days 16-20

  • Day 16: Speech 101 – Read Proverbs 10:19 (NIV). Sometimes it’s best to remain silent. A common misconception is that you have to respond to everything or that40 day word fast by Tim Cameron you have to respond with a lot of words. The more you talk, the greater the risk of offense. Speak less and pray for times to remain silent.
  • Day 17: Keep It Covered – Read James 4:11. Do not slander one another. When you speak against someone in judgment, condemn them, curse them, gossip about them, etc. you are operating like the world. As Christians, we should encourage, pray for one other, correct in private with love and keep the confidence of others. If you see someone sinning or know of an indiscretion it’s not for you to blab it to others. Keep your mouth covered and don’t judge or gossip. Go to God for guidance. Pray don’t run your mouth.
  • Day 18: The Words of the World – Read Ephesians 5:3-4. As Christians we have to be careful not to joke like the world or talk like the world. We live in a verbally toxic culture where even leadership speaks recklessly. Social media allows people to share obscene and blatantly filthy comments with no remorse. We hide behind a negative post. We should choose not to participate in foolish talk because we will give an account for EVERY idle word. (Matthew 12:36)
  • Day 19: Post a Watch – Read Proverbs 13:3 (NIV). Posting a watch also means to set a guard over your mouth. People who enjoy speaking their mind with no consideration for other people’s feelings are destructive. When you take time to keep watch over the words that you say, fewer people are hurt and God will be pleased. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean you have to always share it.
  • Day 20: Find the Secret Place– Read Hebrews 11:3. The Word of God controls the spirit world and the natural world is controlled by the spoken word. In order to speak the words of God, we have to spend time with Him in the Secret place. When we find the secret place of abiding in Christ, we SUBMIT our souls and spirits to Him. When we are led by the Spirit our words won’t wound, but heal.

Have a blessed day!

~Nicole L. Ellis, MBA

40 Day Word Fast Recap (Days 11-15)

Speak life 40 day journey

Good morning,

Sorry for the delay. We are still walking this 40-day journey out.

Here is the 5-day recap.

Join me Live or catch the replay videos at Fit For A Purpose, LLC. on Facebook:

Here is a 5-day recap:

  • Day 11: An Encounter with the Holy– Read Isaiah 6:5-7. When we have an encounter with God we should see ourselves for our sinfulness in comparison to His righteousness. We should understand that our words when not led by the Holy Spirit will continue to defile us, but through Christ and only Christ can we be saved in spirit and in word. Let the Lord cleanse the negativity out of your heart.
  • Day 12: Wise or Foolish? – Read Proverbs 14:3. The words of a fool brings harm to others and himself, is full of pride, spoken rashly and causes him punishment. Whereas the words of the wise bring life to others and protects himself, is humble, spoken with care and brings him honor. Wisdom is the key to life and peace. Are your words wise or foolish?
  • Day 13: What Comes First – Read Psalm 5:1-3. What do you do when you begin your day? Get in the habit of being fruitful by staring your day crying out to the Lord in praise and prayer. By directing your first words to Christ, He can guide the rest of your words during the day – IF YOU SEEK HIM.
  • Day 14: Behind Enemy Lines – Read Romans 12:14 . We all have encountered an enemy attacking us with words and deed or perhaps you have been the enemy. Their words pierce like a sword and our natural response is to cut back. Yet, the Word of God tells us to bless those who persecute us. “Can you imagine being so refined through the fire that you respond to persecution with words that bless those persecuting you?” ~Tim Cameron
  • Day 15: Set a Guard– Read Proverbs 21:23. Guarding your mouth means taking time to speak the truth, being free from fights, protecting what goes in and what comes out. The word fast means “to cover the mouth”. Use wisdom and cover your mouth to determine what you should release.

It’s not to late to catch the replay online and to join me at 5:00a.m. EST.

God bless.

~Nicole L. Ellis, MBA

Dancing in My Father’s House Calendar

Good morning family and friends. Guess who will be in the 2018 Dancing In My Father’s House Calendar? If you guessed ME, then you are correct. My picture was entered for review and I was selected.

I’m so honored and humbled as God has truly blessed me with a gift to minister to people through dance.

This picture symbolizes me holding on the promises of God and releasing them to others. We serve an AMAZING GOD.

Kimberly Smith is the owner of the calendar and she is a mighty woman of God. Do me a favor and pre-order your amazing 2018 Calendar!

You better hurry there will be only a limited amount of copies available.

They make great stocking stuffer:

DIMFH Calendar

Thank you in advance.

~Nicole L. Ellis, MBA